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SPID is the access system that allows you to use online services provided by the Public Administration and accredited private entities with a unique digital identity. If you already have a digital identity, log in with the credentials from your identity provider. If you do not have a digital identity yet, request one from one of the identity providers.
If you have the new Electronic Identity Card, known as CIE, you can use it to access online services provided by the Public Administration. To access, you need the corresponding PIN and PUK codes: the first part of the two codes is in the CIE request receipt, and the second part is delivered together with the CIE.
The eIDAS regulation provides a regulatory framework for electronic interactions between citizens, businesses, and public administrations, increasing the security and efficiency of online services and e-business transactions within the European Union. The Italian node through the "Log in with eIDAS" button enables cross-border interoperability of digital identities (eID) and its implementation allows the circulation of Italian eIDs among EU member states.
The National Services Card (CNS) is a smart card or USB key that contains a "digital certificate" for personal authentication, which is useful for accessing online services provided by the Public Administration. With the CNS, you can access online services for citizens or any other services if enabled.

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